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Feb 15

SociaLIGHT exclusive: J’Adore Dior AND Vogue!

Just in time for Fashion Week, a sensible, editorial-esque, fashionably-charged sociaLIGHT montage, c/o Vogue and Dior (featuring the fierceness of Atlanta, Boca Raton, D.C., New Orleans, San Francisco and Troy) – LOVE IT!!














Oct 14

Bway Prom, 2014 – snatch that crown!

Well, getcher corsage pinned up right, and twist that updo nice and tight – it’s Bway Prom time once again, hunties!!!!

Look, now, this is the event that all but put our beloved sociaLIGHT on the map, so’s you BEST assume we AND every invitee came full force – and oh, just incase you think assumming makes an a** outta you (and….umming?), here’s tha proof that’ll make you pine to be on next year’s list of invitees (as if you already aren’t by now!):


IMG_3686 (1) IMG_3714 IMG_4648



Sep 14

Essential Homme(ies)

Oh, yes, yes, indeed. In the land of chicest cliques, a more perfect pairing can’t e’er be found: a fantastic event for a fearlessly fashionable brand, an incredibly explosive beginning to Fashion Week, and so much candy for the eyes (on SO many levels – oh, just wait til you see for yo’self!), it’s a ds match made in heaven! THANKING and LUH-ING YOU, Essential Homme Magazine – we are foreva yo’ homme-ies!


Need a bit more fierce fun to get yer fashion on’t? Well, fret not, there’s more where the above came from! Just click HERE to get it full-out!


Aug 14

werk-in’ it out on Labor Day

The United States Department of Labor explains the origins of Labor Day as “a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country.”. To which we say: A to the men, thanks ya Lawd for the day off.

Well, we thought we’d pay our OWN tribute to the contributions our ‘werkers’ have made to the strength, prosperity and well-being of our favorite sociaLIGHTs this summer - it’s a tough job, but it sure seems like  e’erbody  in front of this lens gotta do it!












Jun 14

proud ta be snatched – again!

Another six weeks of Mark Fisher Fitness’  fierceness, another ‘Holy Kettle Bell Realness, YAAAAASSS!’ from us! Unicorns and rainbows and glitter and hot pants and support and the glory of self  and ridiculousness could not be better timed this go round, nor go better with a sociaLIGHT extravaganza, as tis also the tail end of Pride Week (like you didn’t know, fancy). So, yas and YAAAAASSSS, a true double whammy AND delight, mixing LGBT and T&A and finding support and love in the arms of a group of people who think ‘normal’ is overrated – let’s be hot AND weird together!

Getting physical, getting fierce.

Kisses for Pride Wishes!

Shooting Stars. #PhotographyPun

A Sensible Broadway lift.

The glory makers.

CLICK HERE for a link to the full SmugMug Gallery!

Jun 14

recipe for Pride perfection: 1 gallon of GUMBO + 1 heaping serving of [dirty] sugar

Our long time friendos over at The GUMBO GANG know how to throw a par-TEE, hunty, and we should know, ’cause we’ve been serving up sociaLIGHT pop-up photo shoot fabulousness for them since back in the daaaaay!

Now, let’s be honest, is there anything more snazzy than an epic Saturday night to set your Pride off right? Yeah, didn’t think so. Which is why ya needs ta be going hard-in-the-paint with the Facebook contest currently running on our page [CLICK HERE].

All you need to do is LIKE our #GUMBOPRIDE post before we announce the winner (3PM on Friday – mark yo’ calendars good!) for your chance to win the official #GUMBOPRIDE Prize Pack which includes:

- 5 VIP Tickets to the June 28th Rooftop Party at SIXTY LES

– A special Pride group photo in our sociaLIGHT (from 8-10pm)

- 5 complimentary cocktails from ABSOLUT VodkaCoors Light

Fame, face AND refreshments – what tha YAS!!

And just so’s ya truly knows what time it is and what it’s goin’ towards, check out last year’s sugary sweetness, featured on Buzzfeed here!


Jun 14

sociaLIGHT realness: size ain’t sh*t, ya’ll. love, ds

Style ain’t got no number attached to it  - whether a 2, a 22, or heck, a 222, fierce is fierce! Bettah embrace the goods ya got, cause you have NO idea what yer missing out on, if not! Shout outs and hollers to stylist/fashion blogger extraordinaire Kellie B. (, ah-duh!) and an uber buxom band of equally bona fide babes (aka Nadia Aboulhosn, Claire Sulmers, Chante’, Margie Ashcroft, Liz Black, Nicolette Mason), along with illustrious sponsors ELOQUII, Evans, Simply Be and Karen Kane, for digging through their own duds and bringing their best plus-size prize pieces to the masses at their event (held at Grind Spaces), SHOP & SWAP, proclaiming ‘hell’s yeah, bigger IS better!’. Super-size it with a sociaLIGHT, and you can’t help but agree: curvy and chic is the way ta be…

Want more more MORE? Well, who doesn’t? Click HERE for the full gallery!

May 14

Mark Fisher’s SNATCHEDERS rockin’ it out once more!

Mark Fisher Fitness presents you shredded bods FAH DAYZ with his latest batch of Snatched groupies, giving you all kinds of sex, hugs and rock n roll – throw up them devil horns real good for these glittery (head)bangin’ babes!

Getcher full heavy metal moment on by looking at the entire gallery HERE!!

Mar 14

Flashing Us…[that smile]: MFF Wrap Party!

Nothing like once again being on hand, living to serve it up to all of the Unicorns at Mark Fisher Fitness.

Spring was most definitely in the air, & between all the glitter & pheromones filling New World Stages, collective pride and power was permeating the magic-sphere (=magic+atmosphere, #DZUH).

Hats off – but really everything off – for you Snatched in Six Week-ers! Thank you for the continued inspiration!

We all need somebody to lean on.

Formal: Full out. No Marking.


We are not worthy of any of this. #HolyHolyHoly

Young petals, unfolding into smiles!


Dec 13

and a soo-cia-LIGHT fo’ yo’ par-teeeeeeeeeee!

let’s finish up the Twelve Days of Get It!, 2013, with some serious sociaLIGHT holiday moments! Now, go on and GET your 2014, little cubes!