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Mar 14

Flashing Us…[that smile]: MFF Wrap Party!

Nothing like once again being on hand, living to serve it up to all of the Unicorns at Mark Fisher Fitness.

Spring was most definitely in the air, & between all the glitter & pheromones filling New World Stages, collective pride and power was permeating the magic-sphere (=magic+atmosphere, #DZUH).

Hats off – but really everything off – for you Snatched in Six Week-ers! Thank you for the continued inspiration!

We all need somebody to lean on.

Formal: Full out. No Marking.


We are not worthy of any of this. #HolyHolyHoly

Young petals, unfolding into smiles!


Dec 13

and a soo-cia-LIGHT fo’ yo’ par-teeeeeeeeeee!

let’s finish up the Twelve Days of Get It!, 2013, with some serious sociaLIGHT holiday moments! Now, go on and GET your 2014, little cubes!

Oct 13

Bway Prom – X marks the hot!

Holy Crowning Moments, how can the Broadway Prom be celebrating TEN YEARS of Kings, Queens and, well…Queens??!!?? To fully celebrate the big X, we brought the bling-y bling-y to the par-tay par-tay (as well as a BIG X, literally, in mylar), and sho nuff Ms. Dani Spieler (for whom the annual fete is focused) and her peeps were ready READY! But beyond giving the glitz and glamour,  this year was also about just pure giving, as money was raised for the True Colors Fund, a foundation co-founded by Cyndi Lauper to bring an end to LGBT homelessness. Just giving and GIVING at the same time – we cannot say “ALL HAIL THE KING, QUEEN AND QUEEN!!!!’ enough!

Happy Xth, Bway Prom, and here’s to X many more!!!

Need more? Well, we can hardly blame you! CLICK HERE to see ALL the Prom pics!

Sep 13

Bloomingdale’s and sociaLIGHT – jolly good fun!

The English were coming atcha every which way, thanks to Bloomingdale’s homage to across-the-pond fashionables, and we were ready and waiting with camera in hand! Cheeky fun, indeed, with not one, not two, but THREE Brit-centric sociaLIGHT getups set up throughout the place! Whether it was hanging with the Royal Guard, Oi!-ing it out with your inner punk, or getting your Beatle-mania on’t, sure nuff this event beat having tea with the Queen ANY DAY! Check out favs from all three below – Cheerio!




Jun 13

guess where we’re gonna be for Pride this year?

…’s a hint:

M-hm, rooftop poolside party at the Thompson Hotel with the boys from GUMBO and the peeps at ABSOLUT. Just a sensible, yet fully apropos showing of Pride…..where you gonna be???

Jun 13

dirty sugar does porn…okay, now, wait….

We know what ya’ll might be thinking: ‘GASP! FLOOZIES! HARLOTS! PAINTED-UP JEZEBELS! ROUGED-DOWN TROLLOPS! SHOULD BE ‘SHAMED O YO OUTRIGHT HUSSIED AND GUSSIED BEE-HINDS TO CREATE AND EXECUTE SUCH A SCANDALOUS ROUSE FOR MARK FISHER FITNESS AND HIS DUBIOUS PORN PROM!’ And we say: First of all, stop yelling. Second…..fine. There may have been flirty and somewhat debaucherous behavior abounding. Perhaps there were less-then-G-rated shenanigans in a less-then-dressed environment. And yes, there was squeal-filled frolicking on a satin-y sheeted bed….that we took pics of……okay, written out, that looks like we’re tip-toeing around some serious accusations, so….duly noted. But here’s the bigger picture that we won’t NEVER feel the tiniest need to cover-up: Mark Fisher and the XXX-Men/Women of his Clubhouse make you hot, true, but more importantly, make you FEEL hot. Which, in turn makes YOU make you feel hot – so much in fact, that of course you’re gonna want to run around half-naked and flaunt your gorgeousness, it’s just the natural progression, and something we fully stand behind! Then add the benefit of benefitting a little ol’ organization called Broadway Bares, and you’ve got philanthropic sexy-from-the-inside-out smuttery, which sounds very apropo for a company baring our name! Ain’t nothing scandalous about loving your body and others, now, and if it is, we’d rather be hanging with them harlets and painted-up jezebels, anyways…… bed!

Take a peek-a-boo at some of our favorite naughty bits below!

May 13

another VIP finale viewing of RuPaul’s Drag Race? Oh, Absolut-ly!!!

The ‘Queen’ of all snatched right, pulled tight, coifed high, bedazzled bright, no flats in sight, ‘ain’t one stitch outta place, so g’on ahead, take it all in and just TRY to judge me’ kinda nights! Just take a generous pour of RuPaul and her mini-mavens from season five, add a splash or 15 of Absolut, serve it up at XL, and you’ve got a top fav fete to sociaLIGHT! Oh, and yes, that IS Amanda Lepore gracing that best-for-last image…..

Not enough painted-up boozy floozies fo’ yo’ life? Well, strap up them stilettos real good and flap your falsies HERE!

May 13

a little freaky geeky never hurt no one

If you’ve been peepin’ us lately on any of our social media delights (you got your Facebook, your Twitter, Instagram and now Vine – we’re, like, SO connected right now…), you know we’re planning some’in for this coming Saturday, May 4th, some’in real fun and festive and party-like and summer-invitin’, featuring the dirty sugar experience, DJ Theo Stockman and a certain Mr. Nick Blaemire and The Hustle. Who’s Nick Blaemire and The Hustle, you ask? We’ll give you a hint: it’s this guy and these dudes right here.

Sooooooooo yeah, you should definitely come to this. With friends. And a strong desire to be entertained, #nerdsoul style. Take note of the deets below, and let’s get freaky geeky for Quatro de Mayo!!

Feb 13

Westminster – not just for the dogs

The biggest event of the year for the best of the breeds, now unleashed unto the sociaLIGHT set! We set up at fete favorite Bloomingdale’s to celebrate last year’s Best in Show, “Ch Palacegarden Malachy”, aka Malachy the Pekingese, and his passing of the crown to the next top pooch, and doggone it if we didn’t end up with pedigree puppy love! Preview a few picks of the liter below, and for the full dog and pony show, FETCH HERE!

Dec 12

ms. Sara makes her feathered Saigonese Xmas dreams/desires/thangs be known

No one takes a ‘no,really, it can be about ANYTHING’  request to task like our Sara Brown. No doubt, ‘best for last’ status achieved, and such a perfect representation of her kooky, creative, inspirational and delightfully magical out-there spirit, so we’ll just hand it on over to her:

What I want from Santa is a rickety moped ride through the sweaty slick streets of Saigon, cacophony everywhere, serenity in front of me as I focus my Karate Kid skills of navigation. No one knows where I am and either do I – and I am wearing pink silk with feathers in my hair.” – sarabrown, photographer and fearless leader of the sociaLIGHT brigade

Better get on your dreams/desires/thangs, Ms. Sara Brown.