September #SugarClubber of the Month! – Amber Ardolino

Remember that time you packed your bags for your time going to college. Fretting about that first semester, whether you’d make friends, gain the freshman-15, or miss home too much — and then Hollywood called and suddenly you immediately left to go get your break on television?

— Wait. Hold Up! [Record Scratch Stop]. Say what?! — 

MMMMhhhhhhhMMM. That’s right y’all – m’lady, Amber Ardolino, is pretty freakin’ MAY-JUH – but without a major since her career came a-callin’ and she officially followed her opportunities leaving that schoolin’ life behind for good. [Of course it is important to note that she left our nearest and dearest to our heart – the one, the only, the orange – Syracuse University – dirty sugar photography’s collective alma mater].

After making that first semester leap to The Glee Project: Season 2, she eventually debuted in the National Tour of West Side Story as Bebecita, then hopped on board the Norwegian Getaway performing in Legally Blonde: The Musical. Eventually, Flashdance: The Musical brought her back on land and across the states where she is currently proving her luck in Vegas performing 6 nights a week in ROCK OF AGES at The Venetian. Hopefully she is also playing them slots because girl has got that lucky strike streak! Hallelujah!

Check out our quick fire Q&A, below, with this actress on the ascent!

Preference: SNL, MADTV, or  In Living Color?

Do you prefer a Polar Vortex or a Heat Wave?
What are the 3 things that you always carry with you in your bag?
Glasses, Flannel, Bose Speaker.
What is the thing you miss most about your hometown?
The country. GRASS!
What is your favorite way to exercise?

What is the favorite thing you’ve ever instagrammed?
My favorite Instagram is my kitten, Jaxx!

Follow Amber on Instagram @amberardolino, and keep up to date with that ever growing resume and news via her website,

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