#PortraitRebel Recap: Allyce Beasley

Simply put, Allyce Beasley is the “BEAS” knees. She defines the terms loveable star / audience favorite with credits that include: starring in the NBC sitcom Moonlighting, as well as Narrator for Playhouse Disney, Counselor to Elle Woods in Legally Blonde AND of course the voice of ultra-progressive and Buzzfeed favorite, Miss Grotkey, on the one and only 90’s cartoon-perfection Recess. She even graced “The Great White Way” in La Cage Aux Folles, reuniting with Kelsey Grammar who she guest starred across from on Cheers.

However, an actor is more than just a list of credits and beyond her o-so-charmingly-disarming #PortraitRebel pieces of perfection (shown above), we are absolutely obsessed with her infectious stage/screen presence, comedic timing, and singular voice.

Here are two clips of her brilliance in the *national spotlight* you simply MUST see:

– Her initial appearance (and certainly not her last) on Letterman:

– This epicness with Dolly Parton on The Dolly Show had us in stitches, and is truly not to be missed.

Ms. Beasley, consider us superfans, because we shall forever remain in awe of your wonders! #NowGoBeFabulous

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