Guv’nuh Isle – Gonna Give it to YA!

You’ve heard of the Jazz Age Lawn Party.

You’ve heard of Governor’s Ball.

However, how much do you know about the park/island itself?

Rich with intrigue, Governor’s Island might be NYC’s most fascinating outdoor stay-cation.


For almost two centuries it was closed to the public and owned by the Federal government as a military base and the coast guard. It features Fort Jay (built in 1794), historic homes from when the island had a population of 3,500 (government employees and their families) and even has Castle Williams (constructed during the War of 1812)!

All of this architecture is matched wonderfully with beautiful lawns, and a diverse range of public events curated by The Trust for Governor’s Island which is busy making the park “New York City’s playground for the Arts.”

How to Get There: 

Being an island, getting to it requires commitment, and also a ferry.  However, there are plenty of access points and one has a choice between ferrying from Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens.

What to Do There:

1. Fort Jay.

2. Castle Williams!

3. Nolan Park.

4. Biking.

5. Food.

Get to steppin’ because the season ends September 27.  I mean… just insert yourself into these pics.

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