August #SugarClubber Of The Month: Tanner Flood

Age ain’t nothing but a number. This is especially true when put to the talents of August’s #SugarClubber of the Month, Tanner Flood.Where most children simply watch TV shows and movies – Tanner is busy starring in them. He’s been in such projects as Moonrise Kingdom, Mulaney, and currently stars alongside Emmy/Tony noms/winners Jane Krakowski and Tituss Burgess in the big breakout series of the year, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, (a personal fave of dirty sugar). – I mean, honestly, who wouldn’t dream of playing Jane Krakowski’s child?

We were thrilled to have a quick moment with this quick-rising star!

Q&A flood_tanner4098RTsmall
What is your favorite subject in school? 
My favorite subject in school hands down is a toss up!  I love math and I am on a chess team. Both are tied for first place.
What was your best Halloween costume of all time?
My best Halloween Costume of all time is the “Classic Garden Gnome”. My family  always dresses  up in a theme.  For the past 3 years, my dad and I have remained gnomes. The costume is that good!
What’s the biggest surprise you have ever had?
The biggest surprise I’ve ever had was when my sister, Molly, came home with a puppy!  We already had a dog and my parents said one is enough. Guess what, we now  have 2 and I love both  of them to pieces. Ginny & Whitney
What is your favorite animated movie of all time?
My favorite animated movie of all time is Despicable Me. I love the minions. They always make me laugh. I can never watch those movies enough.
What is your favorite kind of chocolate?
My favorite kind of chocolate is PEPPERMINT BARK!!!! LOVE IT<3
What would you bring with you on a one way trip to Mars? 
The last question is my FAVORITE question and I didn’t even have to think about it. What I would bring on a one way trip to Mars is my  own space ship so when we got there I could just hop on  mine and head back home. I don’t want to live on MARS! I happen to like planet Earth.
 Thank you very much! This was fun.

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