Ceremonial Summer Sensations [Pt 2.]

Summer Lovin’ had me a bla-hast! #TellMeMore

Between slathering on the SPF and sipping our spritzers during sunset (or whenever) we have been honored to spend some of our favorite summer nights thus far, capturing moments of pure matrimonial magic!

The Unick&Udko love story is one that spans hemispheres, time zones, borders, & visas – not to mention years! These two fellas are no stranger to dirty sugar’s lens having made numerous appearances at our various sociaLIGHTs across our partying life. Not only did they bring The sociaLIGHT: PopUp Photoshoot to their people during the reception, but we were also on hand to capture their vows and reception wows! Their special day featured a collection of characters: a puppy in a bow tie, an epic performance in spanish complete w/feather boa, an epic set with a drag queen, and a huge outdoor LED billboard featuring rotating photos of their life and live streamed pictures of the wedding as well! Needless to say they KILT it, pun intended since, yes – it also featured kilts!

Another reason why when #LoveWins, we all win.

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