5 Most PRIDE-filled moments! #Yaaassss


It ain’t no secret that we love ourselves some fan-tab-u-lous events. Over our past 10 years, yes we’re a decade old, we have had such an honor to collaborate with some of the best and brightest that the LGBT Rainbow has to offer!

We thought a listicle featuring some sensational PRIDE-filled moments in our first colorful decade would rightly honor this party-filled-flag-waving-diversity-promoting-equality-earning-weekend!

5. I’m From Driftwood – Summer BBQ 2012

We’ve collab-ed with the crew over at I’m From Driftwood several times over the years, however, 2012 was the first. There was quite the crew that featured a splattering of familiar faces from G.U.M.B.O., two couples who we’d eventually photograph their wedding nuptials, but also the future trailblazer / superstar Laverne Cox!


4. G.U.M.B.O – Pride Par-TEEs!

When Pride festivities hit, sometimes you need a bed moment. Which is understandable why our set up for last year’s event was so popular! We had Benton, Jesse, and the rest of the theatre crew arrived in style, but things really got to that TMZ level when Kate Nash AND Icona Pop took the plunge. Check out the Press-making moment here.

Rewind even further back to that moment our camera took the dive — underwater – putting the “pic[ture]” in EPIC.


3. RuPaul’s Drag Race, Season 4 & 5 Finale – 2012/2013.

Shooting these truly delicious divas did not disappoint. There was Sharon Needles and then Jinx Monsoon snatching them crowns, not to mention nightlife legend (and David LaChapelle muse) Amanda Lepore had us begging for more!



2. Anniversary of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell! –

On the First anniversary of the repeal of DADT, we celebrated with some of America’s finest humans in uniform. Service-people who could finally stand up, and OUT while also standing up for the nation. That night, Barbara Walters gave a speech, Navy-men gave one another kisses, and these brave individuals gave us their dedication to defending liberty!


1. MARRIAGE EQUALITY! – Weddings Gay-lore!



This moment. Today. Is the best time to look back and celebrate those trailblazing couples LIVING the fight for equality through LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE! We could not be prouder to be a part, a witness, and capture the legacy!

Now go party this weekend like history has never seen, LOVES!

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