#SugarClubber of the Month: Corey Mach!

Corey Mach actor, and now concert producer, is not only rocking the Sugar Club with his glorious mug but is also rocking the theatre scene -literally- by bringing together some of Broadway’s most kickass voices set to some of the best quality Top 40 Artists. In honor of this concert tomorrow evening, we thought a quick Q&A  was more than in order – as well as giving this #PortraitRebel the title for dirty sugar May 2015’s #SugarClubberOfTheMonth: 

Favorite lyrics of all time?
Jason Mraz: “If it’s a broken part replace it, if it’s a broken arm then brace it, if it’s a broken heart then face it.”

Who is the last person you texted?
Joshua Stephen Kartes, my music director for the Broadway Sings series. Since the show is two days away, we’re obviously freaking the F out and getting last minute stuff figured out. AHH!

Favorite thing to order at the bar?
Bulleit Manhattan, on the rocks.

Geekiest thing about you?
It’s 2015 and I’m obsessed with Candy Crush. I KNOW BUT I CAN’T STOP.

Biggest goal for 2015?
Beat Candy Crush. I don’t even want to tell you what level I’m on. Let’s just say I take the subway a LOT.

Favorite website?
Two!! www.coreymach.com & www.broadwaysingsconcert.com!

Now give us the full run down on the “Broadway Sings…” concert series:

How many shows have you produced within the series total? 

Bruno Mars will be our eighth! It all started in 2012 when I had a dry spell of not going on as a standby in the revival of GODSPELL. It was Tony voter season so no one wanted to call out, even if they were sick. So I had a good few months where I was utterly bored, and having already rehearsed and watched the show religiously, I had no creative outlet. So I produced the “Broadway Sings Adele” concert and it was so much fun that I just kept going.

Of the recording artists your concert’s have featured, which artist has been your personal favorite?

Hmmm. That’s really hard. I purposely pick the artist not only on their popularity at the time of the show, but also what I like listening to. I really loved our arrangements at the Stevie Wonder concert. Justin Timberlake was pretty rockin’ too.
From all the concerts, which is one of your favorite covers performed by any of your cast members in the series? 
  • My favorite performances tend to be when we style a song for the singer that is a PERFECT match for their strengths, for example:
  • Raena White excels at epic, grandiose, lush singing so we turned Amy Winehouse’s “Back to Black” into a Shirley Bassey-esque anthem.
  • Alyssa Umphress is a first-rate blues singer so we fussed with Stevie’s “If It’s Magic” to fit her voice .
  • We had so much fun with Christine Dwyer creating her arrangement of “So What” at our P!NK show. She’s an incredible jazz singer and she sounded flawless.

What are the details of your upcoming show?

“Broadway Sings Bruno Mars” will be Sunday, May 17 at The Cutting Room at 8:30pm. Tickets are $20-$75 and can be found here. Also,

 You’re the first ones to find this out, but keep a look out for our following concert this fall, which will be “Broadway Sings Sara Bareilles.

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