your own personal invite to delightful digital doodling!

Is audition season raising your anxiety levels?
Did this past winter make your neutral state less than blissful?
Then you may need a moment with your very own digital doodles.

Weave Silk. Technicolor ink blots meet interactive, creative sensibilities. Get into it.

It’s this week’s obsession, and we ain’t a tad bit embarrassed to admit it. It’s like creating your own screen saver, or being transported back to elementary school art class to experience the wonder of etching for the first time.

There are websites dedicated to it, apps created for it and a few aficionados creating some overall ridiculousness with it. And we can’t get enough of it.

It’s more than just highly intricate final imagery, it’s also  the animation of the image being created as well. Strangely tranquil, slightly scary, and something that should no doubt be used in a Project Runway design challenge: at the very least, these digital doodles give us more zen. At the very most, they give us life and color and inspiration and energy and all kinds of thangs to usher in a splash of spring!

Share any and all creations, puh-leeze!

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