Shuffle on in to vibrant Color!


You’ve heard of shufflin’ off to Buffalo, but what about to Bushwick? Well, not only are you about to hear about it, you’re bout ta get the full-out goods on it!

– If you’re smart, you’ll listen up and get ta steppin’!

Q. What is the Color Block Sugar Shuffle?

A. The Color Block Sugar Shuffle is our super-duper, top secret, downright quick-n-slick headshot package, previously offered as an exclusive invite-only group package….until now. The Color Block Sugar Shuffle is now open to all Portrait Rebels alike – and THIS is your personal invitation!

Q. Why might I want the Sugar Shuffle option?

A. So glad ya’ asked – it’s perfect for filling out your headshot repertoire with several fresh, refined looks! Cut your hair? Growing a beard? Feeling good about that bod? Your agent/manager/mutha feels it’s finally time for that Young Mom/Sassy Best Friend/Quirky Next Door Neighbor/Strapping Smoldering Love Interest shot? Just want to play with an idea or two? Oh, we could go on and on!

Q. What do I get in the Sugar Shuffle?

A. YAS, whatcha get:

  • A pre-shoot consultation with your photographer
  • 2 Color Block setups
  • 40 Color Block backgrounds to choose from
  • 90 minutes studio time
  • One makeup look
  • Personal wardrobe styling
  • 100 Hi-Res images with unlimited downloads
  • A whole buncha flawless frames of your fabulous mug!

Q. How much is this divinity? 

A. Hunty, y’all get the above listed sweetness for $475 plus tax.

Q. When is this Sugar Shuffle?  

A. Thursday, October 20th 2016

Q. When do I sign up?

A. NOW!  Signups have begin, so email in today and grab your spot!

Q. Who should I contact?

A. Hit up asap, and say ‘gimme that sensible color moment in your dollhouse (you’ll see what we mean…)!

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