crazy in love – well, in our minds, at least

Okay, this might sound a little crazy, but when has that ever stopped us…

Marnie Schelenburg and Blaine Boyd kiiiiinda look like they’re staring into each other’s eyes with deep longing, and we think they may need to star as the lead couple in a soap opera or tv series, or a slew of romantic flicks. You guys, they obviously love each other SO much, against all odds just like Phil Collins says, and through the conflicts and being pulled in difficult directions by family or war, or even maybe a terminal illness or natural disaster, they just HAVE to end up together, cause they’re freaking perfect and give each other ‘and they will NEVA, EVA tear us apart’ forever kinda realness, and UGH, this NEEDS to happen cause just LOOK AT THEM!

So, there you go. See, never stops us.

Congrats and WELL DONE from this crazy bunch, the both of you, and uhm, shall we make an introduction…?


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