Miss Universe 2015 National Costume Parade!!!!

Ugh, it couldn’t have come fast enough, as far as we’re concerned. It depletes the world’s reserves of feathers, sequins, beading, sheer netting, crystals, wire and Carnivale/Vegas Showgirl costumiers all in one go, for no other reason than to ooh! and ahh! us – and it’s SO worth it! Not to mention the last 12 months of anxiety we’ve suffered through worrying whether or not Miss America would redeem herself after last year’s Transformers tragedy (yeah, click HERE to make your brain say “Huh? Wha? But Whyyyyyyyy?!?”) – seriously, we were taking donations to ensure her team hit up all the bedazzle-it-up stores this year and said “Yeah, we’ll take ALL of it. Cause we won’t be making THAT mistake again.”. And they didn’t – they got real smart real quick and enlisted the talents of some very fierce Wonder Woman lovin’ drag queens who set their sewing machine down’t and got to werk, hunty!  But here they are, in all their glue-gunned glory, just glittery and colorful and wacky and presentational and painted pretty and spray-tanned and platform-toed and oh, so feathered and beaded – it’s pretty much a dream come true for us (how can you not love that our entire UNIVERSE lives for tacky embellishment?!?). And although Miss USA did bring it much better than 2014’s offering, we have to say our hands down winner this year is (drum roll, please): Miss Argentina, who is just a literal glitter burst of all our eyeballs want to see,  followed ever-so-closely by Miss “Everything and the Kitchen Sink” Nicaragua! Congrats, ladies, and until next year!! (Photo credit: www.tomandlorenzo.com)

Miss Venezuela

Miss Uruguay

Miss Singapore

Miss Paraguay

Miss Bahamas

Miss Aruba

Miss Brazil

Miss Guatemala


Miss Ireland

Miss Mexico

Miss Panama

Miss Trinidad and Tobago

Miss Turks and Caicos


Miss USA

Miss Nicaragua

Miss Argentina

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