it’s never too late for dreams/desires/thangs!

Guess what we found out? That whole ’12 Days of Christmas’? Well, come to find out it all takes place AFTER the 25th! Yeah, we were just as befuddled and side-gaited as you are. But the silver lining:  MORE dreams/desires/thangs comin’ right up!

We turn to our resident wardrobe warden to shed some light on what would help her ring the new year in best – Sista?


Well, I’ve been just the teeniest bit obsessed with The Fashion Fund on Ovation…okay, ‘teeniest’ probably isn’t the best word  – it’s a full-on disconnect from the world, pour a glass of wine and set the darn bottle right next to me cause I don’t wanna press pause and get up for refills, get my bum nice and settled in, cause I’m not going NOWHERE till after those credits are done rollin’ kinda show. Fascinating. Genius. Favorite. Gimme. AaaaaaaaaaNYWAYS, there was one particular designer this season that I couldn’t help but cry “Ugh, I want one of those!” every single time her goods came on the screen, and now that the season’s over, I STILL daydream about having one of these customized cuties, so you know I need it. Ladies and gents, may I present my (post) Xmas dream/desire/thang, sure to bring some cheeky glam to 2015, a personalized Bespoke clutch by Edie Parker!!