a-and one sweet ol’ intern bay-beeeeeeeee

Ah, another swaddled intern babe exits the manger, leaving us with an empty nest…er, pear tree. Well, Sir Nick, get on that questionaire real good and put on some pretty hair – we’s gon’ miss that handsome dimpled face of yours as you create yo’ life outside the school o’ dirty sugar, hopefully we’ve prepared ye well. LUH YOOO, boo-boo!!

Nick Reid

Nick Reid

1. What made you want to come and work for dirty sugar?

I’ve always been interested in photography. I had taken classes in high school and college and even made money while in school taking head shots, however, I never had studio experience. I knew going into dirty sugar that I would be working with a team of funky fun people who would be able to teach me all I wanted to learn.

2. What invaluable lessons have you learned from your stay with us?

That photography is very malleable. Different methods work to create different looks and tones. There are varying ways to get the shot you want and it all comes from experimentation.

3. Favorite moment(s)?

The trip I took to Harvard with Jason and Robb was probably one of the highlights of my internship…along with the Mark Fisher Fitness shoot. Ask me why. 😉

4. If you had more time with us, what would you want to learn more about and absorb?

There is so much equipment! I would have loved to experiment with all the instruments to see all the different compositions I could create.

5. Greenstreets, or Hana Natural?

Greenstreets for sure. That coconut curry lentil soup, tho..

6. Have you any advice/words of wisdom to impart on your successor?

Ask lots of questions and learn something new every day.

7. If you had to spend the rest of your life in any area of the studio (i.e. reception, hair and makeup, wardrobe, crafting, etc.) which would it be, and why?

What a commitment…but if I had to choose, I’d probably like to be sitting in front of a computer, editing images forever. I love seeing the different stories I can create in programs like Photoshop, just by altering the tone, sharpness, etc. of an image.

8. Who was you favorite person at the studio, and why? Like, all-time most favorite EVER? Choose wisely….

The studio computer in which I so cleverly named Darla DoMé, since I spent most of my days with her. Otherwise, I love all my DS Glitter babies all the same!

9. Anything else you’d like to impart? Famous last words? Microphone drop moment?

Well, that’s my momma! Byeeeeeeeeeeee


Aaaaaaaand – pop a wig, pwease:



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