Je-en Co-le-lla


Jen Colella: ‘Hello?’

Four Calling Birds: ‘Oh, hello, we’d like to speak to Jen Colella, please’

JC: ‘This is. May I ask who’s calling?’

FCB: ‘Oh, hey, Jen, it’s just us birds. We’re calling on behalf of your true love (as the four of us do) to tell you how fierce you are, and how much dirty sugar loved taking your latest shots.’

JC: ‘No way! Holy holidays, that’s awesome – thank you so much! And you know what? I adored shooting with dirty sugar as well – in fact, I decided to stay forever, and we all became the best of friends, and now just laugh and sing and dance all around the studio and take amazing best friends photos all day long.’

FCB: ‘Oh, hooray! We’re so glad we called! Well, goodbye!’

JC: ‘Me too! Thanks for calling, birds – bye!’


Jen Colella

P.S. we just realized she has the same initials as the upcoming birthday boy. Coincidence?……okay, yes, probably so, but still!!!

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