Kayla’s Chanukah dream/desire/thang!

Oh, don’t think we’re just sticking to Xmas, now – we are an interdenominational place of fabulosity, where dreams/desires/thangs of ALL faiths are valued and supported!  So, let’s give the mic to our beloved hair and makeup fairy glitter boho goddess, Kayla Jo (and yes, that very well may be her actual job title), who has a probably the most sensible Chanukah wish to have ever been wished:

Kayla Jo:

This year I want to hang out with these unicorn whales for a day and have them take me on an adventure in the sea!


Naturally, I must look the part while doing so, and rock something like this here mermaid tail…


Well, Kayla, if we have anything to say about it, your wish will surely be granted – Happy Chanukah, Sista!!

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