all we want for Christmas is an awesome new apprentice!

Now hear this, lil sugar babies: dirty sugar is officially in the market for a stellar, up and coming super-star apprentice, and y’all know who you are!

Don’t get it twisted, we’ve already been blessed with the best, so only those gung-ho and ready to go need apply. Now go on ahead and claim that space kittens!

We are currently in search for the following:

Administrative Studio Apprentice with a Photography Concentration

This role will have you smack dab in the middle of the often sequined and glitter sprinkled whirl wind of dirty sugar studios. We will have you hand-on with all aspects of our studio, providing you with a dynamic growth opportunity as an photographer, artist and business person.

The main ingredients for our Apprentice Program recipe include:

 – a self motivator with a unique eye who is comfortable shooting with a DSLR

– very comfortable working on a Mac computer system as well as Apple IOS

– basic understanding of file management on computers and hard drives

– comfortable with basic administrative tasks like filing, data entry, and email

The cherry on top of this delicious apprentice cake would include:

– basic familiarity with Lightroom, Photoshop and Aperture

– basic knowledge of Instagram

– experience in crafting, set construction or prop design

We are looking for someone who is able to be with us for 4 months, starting January 2015. The weekly commitment is up to 3 days a week (Monday-Thursday), 6 hours per day.

Shoot us your resume, portfolio, video submissions, aspirations, superlatives, dreams, ideas, and thangs to:

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