Spaaaaaaaaaah Castle, ya’ll!

Deep in the midst of Queens,there lies an oasis where you can forget about your troubles for the entirety of the day, literally sweat out the small stuff and rejuvenate yo’ soul, all for a song. A seriously, sauna’dly fierce ditty that makes you feel pretty frickin’ famous, like royalty, even, and that you’re in on a secret, one that you don’t want to share. And that tune goes a little something like this (and-a one-two-three, hit it): Spa Castle – Get. Ready. Ya’ll.

Imagine a three-story fortress (oh, they don’t call it Spa Castle for nuthin’, trust) that beckons to your every desire for inner goodness. Aaaaaand then make it a real thing. Bottom floor, infused spa pools and steam room – get yourself a full body scrub while you’re at it – why not? You deserve it. The middle floor: 8 saunas, both hot AND cold, ready for a round or twelve…hundred. They call it ‘Sauna Valley’, Oh yes, a VALLEY of saunas, lined with minerals and nutrients and thangs, even gold. Oh, she fancy…

Third floor boasts a rooftop pool with jets, whirlpools, even a Flashdance inspired moment off to the side (clearly, our favorite).  Want a sensible beverage or nosh? With one ‘beep ‘ of the wristlet they give you at the start of your stay, your account is charged, so no need carry around currency – how convenient! Top it all off with a body treatment at their exclusive Avenue S, or perhaps a mani/pedi – oh, or how about a mid-day NAP in their Relax Room (RELAX ROOM!!!)…people, this palace ain’t play-in!!! The absolute BEST part? An entire day’s stay, and we mean from 6am to 2am – incase you need to hear that again, 6AM TO 2AM – is $40 per week day and $50 on the weekend!  WHAAAAAAAA? We actually couldn’t make up a better fairy tale. EXCEPT TO INCLUDE THIS: click on this, that right there in bold and italics, and get that entrance fee for HALF PRICE. Are your heads spinning as much as ours? Well, you’re welcome, don’t sweat it….wait, no, actually – get it AND sweat it!








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