proud ta be snatched – again!

Another six weeks of Mark Fisher Fitness’  fierceness, another ‘Holy Kettle Bell Realness, YAAAAASSS!’ from us! Unicorns and rainbows and glitter and hot pants and support and the glory of self  and ridiculousness could not be better timed this go round, nor go better with a sociaLIGHT extravaganza, as tis also the tail end of Pride Week (like you didn’t know, fancy). So, yas and YAAAAASSSS, a true double whammy AND delight, mixing LGBT and T&A and finding support and love in the arms of a group of people who think ‘normal’ is overrated – let’s be hot AND weird together!

Getting physical, getting fierce.

Kisses for Pride Wishes!

Shooting Stars. #PhotographyPun

A Sensible Broadway lift.

The glory makers.

CLICK HERE for a link to the full SmugMug Gallery!

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