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If you like us, we know you must also like yourself some good ol’ fashioned prizes, hunties! And if you like yourself some good ol’ fashioned prizes, you’re gonna love this: we’ve teamed up with NYMF and SERINO/COYNE for their latest campaign ‘Musicals Live Here’, and if you click a ‘like’ on any or ALL of the images we’ve created on our Facebook page

*AHEM – *

you’ll be automatically entered to win 2 FREE SILVER MEMBERSHIPS, which include:

*4 Festival Tickets

*2 Opening Night Party invites

*Early Booking

*Early Seating

*Member Discounts at the Signature Bar & Café

*and more!

SO, what are you waiting for?!? Get into our Facebook extravangaaaaaaahnza, ‘like’ the new NYMF campaign pics, featuring ds beloved Julia Mattison and Mr. Leslie Odom, Jr. (P.S. there are four images in total, only two released so far….oooooooooh, MORE chances to win, keep yo’ eyes peeled!) and get your prizin’ on’t!

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