Bway Prom – X marks the hot!

Holy Crowning Moments, how can the Broadway Prom be celebrating TEN YEARS of Kings, Queens and, well…Queens??!!?? To fully celebrate the big X, we brought the bling-y bling-y to the par-tay par-tay (as well as a BIG X, literally, in mylar), and sho nuff Ms. Dani Spieler (for whom the annual fete is focused) and her peeps were ready READY! But beyond giving the glitz and glamour,  this year was also about just pure giving, as money was raised for the True Colors Fund, a foundation co-founded by Cyndi Lauper to bring an end to LGBT homelessness. Just giving and GIVING at the same time – we cannot say “ALL HAIL THE KING, QUEEN AND QUEEN!!!!’ enough!

Happy Xth, Bway Prom, and here’s to X many more!!!

Need more? Well, we can hardly blame you! CLICK HERE to see ALL the Prom pics!

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