dirty sugar + Emily Loftiss = true love 4EVA

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again and again and again: we love Emily Loftiss. LOVE her. Throw-your-shoe and slap-your-mouth gorgeous, sass for days, legs for weeks, ki-ki till the cows come home, effervescent, outrageous, always front-and-center, packed with POW, ready for life and set on getting to WHEREVER she wants to be, our l’il Georgia baby girl. Both she and her outrageously fabulous shenanigans have been featured more than once amongst these pages (ex: HERE), and has been our premiere muse in both portraits and sociaLIGHT events alike. So, naturally, when she moved from NYC to LA, we shed a tear (or thousands, with shaking shoulders and ugly faces, but who’s judging?), but then thought of that saying about if you love someone, let them go, then catch butterflies and sing some songs and give jazz hands or something along those lines, and then they’ll return to you? Something like that. We knew we had to let our lady fly, with the hopes of her returning to us if/when twas meant to be. And she did! And it was! And for what? LOVE. Ugh, full circle realness abounds.

Yes, our little girl is now all grown’t and betrothed to her perfect match (seriously, he’s perfect), Mr. Jay Carlington, and flew back to us to snap away at some ‘heck’s yeah, he put a ring on it!’ pics (honestly, she could have asked us to grab images of her left nostril, and we’d be like “OOOOOOH! Yes! Let us get on that. Right. Now!’, cause you know it’d be fierce). But it was so much more than that – it was genuine. It was real. It was love. And it was an honor. Best wishes and congrats to our most beloved of inner-circle friends and destined-for-greatness gals, Ms. Emily Loftiss, for getting to where she wants to be in life. And Mr. Jay, look here:  although you are pretty perfect, fit Ms. Thang to a T and we may have cried a tear or two for you as well when you left us for LA…..take care of our little Georgia baby girl, now, cause we love her, too.

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