summer’s almost done’t – get some color on ya!

Alright, childrens, not to alarm you, but summer’s almost run her course – it’s the end of July, ya’ll. Already.  The END. Of. JULY. (okay, now THAT was meant to alarm you!). And we know, especially here in the city that never sleeps, the latest heat wave has reduced us to sweaty pit-stained tee shirts and swim shorts (such irony to go with that slap of sadness, the city that never sleeps in ‘I’ve decided not to get some’ sleepwear), partly because the heat’s been so high and humidity so soul-smothering that we just. UGH. Don’t. (Whine). WANNA!!!!! put forth the effort. And we get it. It sucked. No hard feelings or side-eyes. But the heat wave has passed, the moisture in the air has somewhat thinned, and before you know it, the eye…oh, it will start a’squintin’ in your general direction. No more excuses or time to procrastinate: get into the last stretch of Summer 2013 with some confident color combos!

We tracked down the top palettes for Summer 2013, care of Fashion Snoops for CSI (Color Solutions International – they fancy) in the following categories: base colors, cool colors and warm colors. There you go, we love you, you’re welcome. Now, with that tool in your ever-chic and cinching belt, here’s what we beseech: take them, mix them, match them, go forth unto the remaining part of this season throwing caution to the balmy wind, proclaiming ‘YES, I’VE DECIDED TO GET SOME (COLOR IN MY SUMMER)!’!  Persimmon and Goldenrod? Um, yes please!!! Spearmint and Limeade? Oh, refreshingly for certain! Burgundy and Rust? According to Harper’s Bazaar, not so bizarre!

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