another VIP finale viewing of RuPaul’s Drag Race? Oh, Absolut-ly!!!

The ‘Queen’ of all snatched right, pulled tight, coifed high, bedazzled bright, no flats in sight, ‘ain’t one stitch outta place, so g’on ahead, take it all in and just TRY to judge me’ kinda nights! Just take a generous pour of RuPaul and her mini-mavens from season five, add a splash or 15 of Absolut, serve it up at XL, and you’ve got a top fav fete to sociaLIGHT! Oh, and yes, that IS Amanda Lepore gracing that best-for-last image…..

Not enough painted-up boozy floozies fo’ yo’ life? Well, strap up them stilettos real good and flap your falsies HERE!

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