Tim Federle: major hollas for literary werk!

We never tire of the life-livers, dream-achievers and go-getters willing to jump in front of our lens and GIVE IT. And now we add ‘acclaimed literary genius-er’ to the list, courtesy of Tim Federle!

Not only has he written a full-on NOVEL, Better Nate Than Ever, he has taken upon himself the responsibilities of mentor and inspirer for children who run full force at big dreams, instead of pushing them aside for fear of not fitting in amongst the masses. And the result? Well, far beyond the acclaim from both CNN and The New York Times (click on ’em both to read the reviews), are the future generations of  life-livers, dream-achievers, go-getters (and hey, even literary genius-ers!) willing to jump into the world, nevermind our lens, and GIVE IT without ever feeling the pressure to be someone other than their truest, most genuine selves. Just full circle, lil’ cubes, and better now than ever, we say! Congrats and hollas, Sir – better GET your GIVING IT on’t!

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