Alex: panty drops and xmas sauce

Keep your eye on our boy Alex, and don’t you dare let those strapping, boyish good looks and uber-positive, full-of-cheshire-cat-smiles attitude fool yis – he’s got true swagger, matched only by limitless drive and incredible talent. We couldn’t have begged for a better additional piece to this creative puzzle, or be more confident that he’s bout to kill it in NYC (or anywhere else he chooses to plant his impeccably-booted feet). His live event work is soon to be featured right here (hee hee – we love keepin’ ya’ll scratching at the post with anticipation!), but in the meantime, let’s find out what would make his holiday dreams/desires/thangs come to life! Senor…?

ALEX: First of all, I blame this christmas wish on Amy: marabou coat + motorcycle = necessary. As a matter a fact, ANYTHING + motorcycle = necessary. So, what would really make my panties drop this Christmas (and no, I don’t, but will without a moment’s hesitation, should this just so happen to pop up on my doorstep) would be a Norton Manx 500. In the words of G. Love, this baby’s my special sauce (click HERE to feel me on that).

Norton Manx 500 07

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