nerds are hot, just ask Mark Fisher

The only things serious about Mark Fisher Fitness and it’s merry band of misfits are science, sweat and results. That, and the level of restraint you’ll need to keep from wearing crop tops and short shorts every day, once emersed in the world that is his ninja clubhouse. Aside from that, it’s dragons, unicorns, full-out sci-fi, disco lights and *ahem* colorful terminology designed to make your upper cheeks blush and lower cheeks buff! The end result: you’ll be smarter AND hotter, which is truly the stuff of glory. And glory, childrens, is indeed at hand.

Sir Fisher and his Knights of the Hot Bods never fail to tap into and turn on our inner nerd/underwear model, and if you haven’t become as fully obsessed with him as we are from our last shoot with him (click here to be slapped in the face with previous fierce), feast your eyes and loins on the latest fruits of our collective labors (which, in truth, was no labor at all, just a whole lotta next-level lovin, followed by tender cuddles and longing gazes) featuring the magically artistic stylings of Peter James Zielinski,  and unleash the geeky beast within – the one that thrives on knowledge and laughs in the face of ‘no, you can’t’ at every turn, all the while confidently strutting through life wearing nothing but a flossy thong, just cause it can. Now that’s hot.

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