BDC SIP: raising the barre

We’ve said time and time again that when Ms. BonBon Erickson sends her twirling dervishes our way, we leave thinking future Broadway Dance Center Summer Interns  just won’t get any better. And yet, here we are again: awe-struck, falling out, mouths agape, throwing our shoes and giving the ol’ “Oh, NOoooo, I know you are NOT slapping me with all that right now” pointed finger shake down. And since this blogger’s pride refuses to allow repeat text, let alone the word ‘literally’, let’s just say this: during this shoot these kids stopped traffic…..not at all figuratively speaking.  Pedestrians ceased living their lives, vehicles screeched to a halt, and performances were STILL full-out given without a second thought or concern. That, friends, is called READY. And Ms. Bonnie and crew: we bow down to ya’ll, cause just as in previous BDC shoots,  we thought we were as well for what they were ’bout to deliver…..but nuhnuh nuhkum naw, not even close, and our pride will never get in the way of thanking you over and over again and begging for the next round!

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