What are you looking at?

If there’s one thing (out of a thousand) to learn from us, it’s that cute stuff can be found for cheap if you just take a sec to look for it. It just so happens we like to spend hours upon hours! Here’s some stuff currently in my “Watching” section of Ebay. I’m telling ya, if you can’t find anything here, you’re full of fluff! And if that’s the case, I dare you to run something off to me – I guarantee I’ll be able to find at least a few examples of what you’re looking for at three different budget levels or I’ll eat my vintage 20’s beaded ostrich-plumed hat. Found you-know-where.

So, what are YOU looking at on Ebay? We’d love to see (although wouldn’t blame you for feeling a bit protective, we’ll totally try to outbid you if we think it’s cute, too!)

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