Mark Fisher: pelvic thrusts and uppercuts

Alright now, little gluttons, the holidays are ovah – time to put down that second helping of Grandma’s three cheese double decker mint walnut cream of chocolate casserole surprise whatever whatever and get your behind back into shape before you turn around and the newest trend of  bathing suit consists of twine, a rose petal and some ingenuity. “Hotness over hot dogs wrapped in phyllo dough” is your mantra, kids, and Mark Fisher is your guru. He is sure to make your muscles matter all the while charming the pounds off with his “yes, I’m your hot trainer, but I’m also your friend” good looks. Not only did we have the distinct honor of shooting his publicity photos, we also get to werk it out on his webpage, which is soon to boast info for his newest post-holiday life changer, Snatched (seriously, now you KNOW he’s got what you want!). Check out his website HERE , check him out below, and get up on those last available spots!

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