"Break Out In Song" like nobody's watching…

Have you every had that moment when you’re walking down the street in midtown, the sun is shinning, and Sutton Foster is belting out “Forget About The Boy” on your iPod, and you want nothing more than to whip out your best triple time step, hoping that a band of mousy chorus girls will come running out out of Toys R Us, backing up your show-stopping production number in the middle of Time Square?  If you’re worth your weight in foot lights, we’ve all had that moment, and now thanks to the brain child of Ryan Mackey…it’s actually happening all over the city.  The project: Break Out in Song; The idea: a group of usually 50 or more dancers literally stop traffic in a high pedestrian area, and give homage to the Musical Theater Gods with jubilant public performances of musical theater numbers.

So next time you’re out and about in a city, and some random crazy starts spinning around to a mysterious soundtrack of musical theater anthems, sit back, kick up your feet, and let the free entertainment begin!

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