#SugarClubber of the Month – November: Bravita Threatt

What’s in a name? – Well with Ms. Bravita Threatt, it could be everything.

Brava… or Bravita “Triple” Threatt… B.A. Threatt or simply Threatt – I mean the flawless branding basically writes itself.

She’s been living up to her name on the boards of the B-ways and across the country, dancing and roaring her way in Disney’s, The Lion King. When this sexy-sparkler shimmied her way on into the studio she made it known exactly how much of a threat she could be by throwing out one look, pose, and leg extension after another making our lens and flash snap, crackle, and pop. Jus’ lettin’ us HAVE it, lord’t have mercy!

Awarding her our #SugarClubber of the month for November, was only fitting because we could not be more thankful for her fabulousness!

We just had to inquire more with our go-to rapid fire Q&A.

What is your biggest phobia?
I don’t fear too many things, but one thing I do fear is not knowing what to do in a split second decision and if I’ll make the right choice.
What is your dream destination?
Traveling to Dubai lodging in an underwater living space!
What are 3 things you always carry in your bag?
Sunglasses, wallet and water
What was your best subject in school?
Math, English and Dance
What song would you most likely get caught dancing too alone?
I dance to Scissor Sisters “Let’s have a ki ki” all the time – with or without guest!
I’ve also been caught shaking, popping and twerking my booty to my favorite gospel songs (Erica Campbell and Tye Tribbet)
What would you tell yourself at age: 
13:  I would tell myself ” you will have many of boyfriends and it’s still plenty of fish in the sea”
22: Open your mind to all different experiences.  You will never fail, God has already won it!
~ Dive, Turn, WERQ!

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